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National Tube Shortage

Due to a national tube shortage, we do not have the tubes necessary to draw blood for blood clotting tests.  Please contact your provider for further direction. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Debido a la escasez de tubos a nivel nacional, no tenemos los tubos necesarios para extraer su sangre para las pruebas de coagulación de la sangre. Comuníquese con  proveedor para obtener más instrucciones. Pedimos disculpas por las molestias.

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Laboratory Management

TriCore Lab Management implements our laboratory expertise, sound business practices, and cutting edge technology to build your laboratory brand and drive cost-effective growth. We offer all the necessary solutions to optimize your operation.

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Research Support

TriCore Research develops research partnerships to provide the most current diagnostic laboratory techniques and translational research.

TriCore Research houses a state-of-the-art clinical specimen repository to assist the research community and further clinical advancements.

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Diagnostic Optimization

TriCore Dx Optimization uses predictive data analytics to provide superior community care.

Our guidance results in confident clinical decision making providing the right test at the right time for patients and populations.

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